Distance from the sea

How far is the B & B PAOETTA from the sea?
The B & B PAOETTA is 2 km from the sea. In addition to many homes, Porto Sant 'Elpidio there are lots of beaches and large parking lots that line the beach itself. So in Porto Sant 'Elpidio you will not have any problem to park the car near the sea

Opening times:

There are some pre-established maximum hours within which to return during the night?
No. The entrance is possible at any time. At the customer / s will be delivered to one or more keys that allow code to be able to enter and leave at any time, even at night. At the end of the stay the customer / s will / nno return the / key and / i. The loss of / and same / and by the customer will result in a refund against him for breeding, the sum of 25.00 for each lost key.


There is the possibility to park the car near the B & B? In this case it is paid or free?
Front of the property there is ample free parking freely available 24 hours a day. Ample parking is visible at the following link


Your B & B is fully intended to hospitality customers?
es, unlike many B & B (where the owners are home to residential customers in their own home), the B & B PAOETTA is fully and exclusively for the hospitality of its customers. The owners, so to speak live elsewhere.


Smoking rooms are reordered?
The rooms are tidied, cleaned and disinfected at the exit of each client and before entering the next customer. In constancy of stay will be caring for customers to keep their room neat and clean.


Upon arrival the customer will have the same room with all the necessary linen stretch and clean as shipped from the laundry (we do not wash our linen that we hire by professional laundry for obvious reasons of hygiene, already washed, ironed and disinfected ). The bedding consists of sheets, comforter, pillow cases, towels for showers, towels face towels bidet. In cases of long stay will be supplied linen and linen changes needed based on the time remaining to the customers.

Lunches and dinners:

Your property offers full board or half board?
The bed & breakfast are not structured to offer its customers lunches and / or dinners. Even our B & B as well as in most cases it is not organized in such a way

Safe deposit boxes:

There are safety deposit boxes in the B & B where to deposit personal effects?
No. The B & B does not have safety deposit boxes. Porto Sant 'Elpidio a country is particularly quiet and still more so is the neighborhood where is located our B & B.

Booking - deposit

In that way they can be made the reservations?
Reservations can be made ​​via mail (bedpao@libero.it) or by phone at 328-4168649.
In order to confirm your reservation, you must pay a deposit?
During the high season (from 1 July until 31 August, periods of Christmas and Easter) we can confirm your reservation by advance payment of 40% as a deposit on IBAN IT62 I030 3268 8700 1000 0000 246 at CREDEM - CREDIT EMILIAN SPA branch in Civitanova Marche - account payable to Olivieri Pennesi Romano). During other periods will not pay a deposit.

Use of the kitchen

E 'permitted to use the kitchen at the B & B PAOETTA?
No. It is not allowed to use the kitchen for lunches and dinners. The use of the same is only allowed to warm milk or baby food for the little ones.

Breakfast at the bar

Breakfast can be done in complete freedom of the customer at any time of the morning and includes a breakfast voucher for each customer to spend at the bar in front of the structure. The voucher will be issued on arrival. This will allow full freedom of not having to adhere to the "schedules for breakfast" and to be able to do so at your convenience.


The following are the distances from the B & B PAOETTA
Parking: in front
Bar: front
Mechanical: In front
Petrol station: in front
Car Wash: front
Resale cars: front
Grocery: 200 meters
Playground / soccer field (free admission) and basketball court (free admission): 300 meters
Supermarket: 800 meters
Piazza Porto Sant 'Elpidio: 1.3 Km
Beach: 2 km
CNG filling: 2.0 KM
Company store "LE SILLA" (famous international brand of shoes): 2.0 KM
Loryblu - footwear company prestige brand: 2 KM;
Centro Commerciale Auchan: 5.00 KM
Factory Outlet TOD'S - HOOGAN - GREEN VALLEY: 9.00 KM


Small pets are allowed in your B & B?
No, not allowed, not even of small size.

What we also find in the room?

And of course the bed, dtt tv, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, baskets, chair, direct access to the terrace, ironed linen, clean and disinfected as specified above, you'll also find:
small ironing board
Liquid hand soap
Liquid soap bidet
Drying Rack (summer season)
Newspapers and magazines
In the summer the terrace is furnished with tables and chairs exclusive, outside the room.


here are public beaches in Porto Sant 'Elpidio?
Yes! There are both public beaches (most) and fee managed by private chalet. Almost all of the chalets offer food service.

It 'hard to find parking near the beach?
Porto Sant 'Elpidio has a long beach about 11 Km. Many points of beaches in front of the free parking (no fee) you can find it easily.
.................. to be continued





Bed and Breakfast PAOETTA
via Monte Nerone 1 (corner via Garda)
63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio
email: bedpao@libero.it
Tel. 328-4168649