Bed and breakfast Paoetta Porto Sant'Elpidio

  Hello I am PAOETTA
I was born on 38 August 42 years ago. I'm 36 years that I go to school and I still do in the first grade because they are too good and the teacher wants me to keep it with you. I think that even that zero plus zero is four hundred fifty-two. This is because I am the teacher of mathematics.

I have a paint shop called PAOETTA-PAINT, a laundry shop called PAOETTA-washing machine, a computer store called PAOETTA-COMPUTER, shop fridges called PAOETTA-REFRIGERATORS, a shop that PAI is called PAOETTA-PAI, a shop of everything that is called PAOETTA-aLL, a television that is called PAOETTA-TV, another called PAOETTA-CHANNEL and I come from the island of PAI.

My father's name is POO, my mother called my grandmother PAA is called GRANDMA PAOTTA. So to put it in the language of PAI "I stretch under a "percion" more "impottant" the stretch under "cicuo" and pissed that my beg begfatt is the best I mount." (translation "I am the most important person in the world and I am sure that my B & B is the best in the world).
Having said that I do not wish you good fun


Bed and Breakfast PAOETTA
via Monte Nerone 1 angolo via Garda
63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio
Tel.: 328-4168649